GAMES Camp includes various competitive and non-competitive activities, all designed to make campers better and brighter at the games they love. Each Camper participates in Practice and Class sessions where instructors outline gameplay, objective, and strategy, while our regular competitions recognize and reward both exceptional individual gamers and the most well-oiled teams for their excellence. Campers at GAMES Camps do not attend with a team, though, as we are constantly shifting teams into new configurations in new settings throughout camp!

Each day of GAMES Camp typically features a single game - which is introduced to the veterans novices alike - after which all campers have an opportunity to practice in various competitive and non-competitive settings. Throughout the day, our instructors coach campers on both the individual skills needed to play at a high level and on the winning tactics and strategies for teams to come out on top.

GAMES Camp also features a social activity each day of camp to give campers an escape from the intensity of the GAMES activities – these include, but are not limited to, the s’mores party, the Trivia tournaments, and the staff rounds.


Each afternoon and evening of GAMES camp, all campers compete in a camp-wide tournament on that day’s game. The final round is played in front of all campers and the winner receives accolades for themselves and their squad!

On the final day of camp, GAMES campers compete in a group of six or less for the culminating event of camp – THE CAMPIONSHIPS – wherein their group and bonus are determined by their practices throughout camp. The CAMPIONSHIP winners receive a medal!


DAY 1-5

Check-In / Breakfast 7AM - 9AM
Welcome / Class 9AM - 10AM
Practice 10AM - noon
Team Play noon - 2PM
Tournament Play 2PM - 8PM