GAMES Camp is run in conjunction with several education companies - owned and operated by educators from around the globe who have a passion for shaping the next generation of leadership. Our educators have been running summer camps for twenty-five years now, wanting to give students more and better opportunities to learn over the summer. We approach online games similar to classroom skill sets, largely utilizing the PPP (Present, practice, Produce) pedagogical approach to teaching lessons. We are determined to make kids of the world better and brighter competitors!

healthy habits

The primary objective of GAMES camp is specifically to develop good, healthy, relevant competition skills and principles that can be utilized both within competitive gaming environments and without. GAMES campers learn a host of competition and team skills, including patience, leadership, sacrifice, and perspective, which will be relevant for campers in many other settings. Our schedule, staff, and slate of activities are all designed specifically to give campers an array of opportunities to learn, develop, and ultimately master these habits.

rewards & opportunity

At GAMES Camp, each activity can produce coins, medals, prizes, and squad points depending on a gamer’s success, contribution, and competitive attitude - we want all our campers to have ample opportunity for recognition!

Outside of GAMES camp though, the video game / esports world is expanding rapidly with more opportunities for gamers young and old every day! The robust world of tournaments and prize purses is regularly getting larger, as are the opportunities for grade school competition, college scholarship, and professional careers that rely on these same games. We want to feed the enthusiasm of GAMES campers and also expose them to players, organizers, and developers who earn a living doing what they love!

motivation & mastery

We have so many friends and loved ones who play games regularly - both as a competitive and creative outlet and as a professional trajectory - and we imagine you do too! It’s good to invest in a recreational activity even if you do NOT intend to ever monetize your role or success in that activity. To hone and master a craft is one of the most personally fulfilling actions on Earth - and it’s okay if yours is video games! Some camps help people who write poetry, some help people play tuba - we play video games! Hoorah!

friendship & community

We want to encourage young people to engage their interests with others who share them - as we know better than most the personal and professional benefits from community and fellowship. Our camps always result in lifelong friendships being forged between campers and we can think of no better point of bonding than some friendly competition. GAMES camp is (purposefully) an excellent chance to socialize and make friends, to show off the skills and investment already made, and to geek out over the games we love.

If you’re a gamer, or want to be - come shine at GAMES Camp.